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Welcome ot my blog. This blog is made by me using text editor called Kate. I like the idea of simpler website without bloats and excessive JavaScript requests.

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Nowadays, capitalism has spreaded everywhere. Web is not what it is used to be. So many bloated webpages are all over the web. The reason is because of money and power to dominate users.

When you look at the source code of most of webpages, you'll learn how shitty and obfuscated the codes are. Most pages you visit contain surveillance scripts, third party craps, unoptimized images, etc that make your computer slow down. If you have a low-spec potato pc like mine, it will be clear that web is only made for those who have high end pc. This is injustice on itself. Moreover the web browsers are getting bloated with uneccessary features that makes them feel like a full blown operating system

Why do most webpages are shitty and full of craps and they continue doing this? The answer is simple. They hide all of these with CSS. Cascading style sheet is their weapons. Most of websites I see actually don't care much about their users computer. They code their HTML and JavaScript like everyone has a supercomputer. They use CSS to polish their websites but the underlying crappy codes, frameworks, etc are eating up your computer resources. The reason they do this is because they want to earn profits or they use a tool like wordpress that is actually bloated to begin with.

I made this website without CSS and JavaScript. I use only HTML because why not? Web Nowadays are practicaly useless with their nonstop ads, tracking, frameworks, etc that waste everyone's processing power just to view a text file

Web is made to share information, but now it's more like an application that you download and run inside your browser. Web is supposed to display the most important element that is text. Don't use JavaScript and CSS crap. I believe that a website without CSS and JavaScript is a way to go. Read more why CSS is bad

This website does not force you to use HTTPS Which is good. Not all browsers support HTTPS.

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